The Golden Age – ‘2012’

The ‘2012’,  Golden Age ascension issue has been brought to your attention. I have spent a few years unintentionally acquiring knowledge and information so I now feel that whilst I don’t have all of the answers, I have quite a clear perspective on what is going on. I am confident that there will be changes for all of us and that these changes will be positive and subtle and will not happen in a ‘snap’, it will take some time to complete. It will be the same  for you too.

I don’t feel this page is the place to discuss all of my findings, my intention is simply to be a resource and guide to anyone on their journey who feels alone or unsure. Energy Healing and Meditation are both tangible ways to assist with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your awakening and upliftment, as is having someone to talk to about it. So here I am.

There is so much discussion, speculation and information on the Internet,  have a good look around but please use discernment. Don’t buy into the drama, or the get rich quick stuff. The world is not ending, there won’t be any cataclysmic disasters, global warming or a world war III,  just a clearing of the unpleasant way of thinking and living that we have all endured for too long. It will be a change, a big change – for the better.  Close off your logic, open your intuition and look for what makes sense to you.

I suggest here a very simplistic and scant outline of what is going on for those who have not read up on it is;

Mother Earth (aka the Soul/Being called Gaia) is ascending from the 3rd dimension to the 5th Dimension and in order for us to keep up with her we need to also ascend to the 5th. So for the first time ever, we are being able to access this dimension whilst remaining in our physical bodies, albeit our physical bodies will be vibrating at a higher rate and so become lighter, less dense. Children born of the last generation were born already at the higher dimension so are already there, you do not need to worry about them, the Golden Age is where the Golden Age children were born to be, they will fit just nicely.

In preparation for your Self to enter the Golden Age and it’s new way of living, all toxic and lower energies will need to be cleared from your Self, just as it will be from the planet. On a global level this will include dealing with the economy so that no one is hungry or homeless ever again wherever they live on Earth. People who use power and status to ‘control’ money and information for their own ego will be addressed, this will be globally in governments, financial institutions and  the media as well as on an individual level. On the grand scale, Universally we will be able to access understanding of other places that we never before understood, information will become available that has long been withheld or hidden.

On an individual level, so I mean you, many of the lower energies of the 3rd Dimension cannot be carried forward to the 5th Dimension so must be released, healed or cleared as part of your awakening process or ascension. As an idea of what kind of things to expect, if you think back over the last year or two, or even recently, you may recall undergoing events or situations that seemed to ‘come upon you’, where they seemed to you to have come out of the blue, or held unexpected behaviours from someone else, likely something unfair or unpredictable. You will now recognise this was something that no longer serves you, that was holding you back, now being cleared from your life so that you are free to move forward.

If your physical body is holding onto unhealthful substances, like too much highly processed or GM foods and drinks, alcohol or drugs etc you may experience a period where your body is cleared of toxic substances. I have seen some go on for 3 -4 days. Rest, drink water, if you are worried seek medical attention, do what feels right for you to do. You could take the opportunity to release what your body previously craved,  but now no longer wants. Try to buy organic natural foods and body products whenever you can to avoid the toxic chemicals most products are full of nowadays (despite being proven to be causing many of the current health issues).

Sometimes the clearings can seem challenging, but negative attachments need to be released, there is no room for behaviours such as power, greed, control, judgment, anger, fear, jealousy in the Golden Age, where unconditional love and compassion are the new paradigm. Situations that hold you back will be cleared leaving you free to move forward to where only positive relationships will seek you out.

Some people may have, during the last year or two, already undergone the awakening process, but are possibly still clearing some remaining issues. These people are of a higher dimension at a soul level, who have agreed to be incarnated on Earth at this time to help the others through the ascension process. Those of you I am referring to will already have an inner ‘knowing’ who you are, but may be unsure or wondering what your purpose is in the whole scheme of things. My answer to you is that if you are awakened, or awakening now, your job is likely to be to help others who will be awakening over the coming decade (I am unclear on exact time scales as there are many factors involved in this Universal event).

Your own awakening is your knowledge base and resource for helping others, identify what you have been through yourself and this will reveal patterns and trends that you will notice others begin to experience, this will be your understanding. When you recognise those patterns you will be able to assist with guidance or support. Realise though that no two people will have the same experience, so this is your time to be creative, to think outside of your normal parameters and consider a new paradigm. Move forward with love and compassion, have understanding for what challenges others may be enduring, do not judge them for where or who they are, support them to help them move forward.

We are approaching a period of intensity which may impact on a physical, mental or emotional level to some individuals. Conversely, many people will not notice anything has happened at all, leaving you feeling like you are alone, that you don’t fit. Well, rest assured, you are not alone, you do fit, you just got to the party first, the others are coming later when they’ve figured out how to get in.

It is not the end ….

It is the birth of the Golden Age …

The Age of Aquarius

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