21.12.12 and onwards

Well, 21st December 2012, a significant date on a Universal, Planetary and Spiritual level, has passed. Whilst for the majority this date passed by mostly unnoticed, for some who hold an interest in the ascension process and are aware of what is going on, or  those who are not aware but sense a ‘change’ is coming, it was a period of upliftment. Mother Earth completed her ascension to the 5th dimension on the 21st December, now we need to catch up.

It’s time to leave the 3rd dimensional behaviours behind. Jealousy, fear, anger, boredom, control, greed etc. are all behaviours that are no longer acceptable. In order to raise our vibration and allow the harmony of the Golden Age to fully manifest, we need to leave the drama behind and move forward with peace, love and calmness. It’s time to live from the heart and no longer endure the ego.

On an energetic level we are undergoing a process of clearing our karma or low energy, there is no longer any need to hold on to unlearned lessons carried forward from previous lives, these can now be released without any further attention. Some of you who are more sensitive to energies may unusually feel a little out of sorts; physically with fatigue, aches and pains, or mentally you may feel a little ‘foggy’ or forgetful, or even you may feel temporarily a bit low emotionally. These are common symptoms of clearing and will soon pass naturally. Although a bit of a nuisance these symptoms are an indication of where your lower energies are being raised up for healing and release, enabling your energetic vibration to be raised in line with Mother Earth (Gaia). Sleep, drink water, eat healthfully with organic foods and meditate, do whatever you feel you need to do to ease your journey. Some of you may realise that you have already experienced much of this is the past year so there will be little left for you to do to be ready, so be easy on yourself, relax and take the most enjoyment out of each moment that you find yourSelf in.

The Cedar Rivers websites gives a comprehensive explanation of Ascension Symptoms, have look – they’ve done it so well there is little point in me doing the same …


Either way, whatever you think and feel, or sense, about the upcoming planetary events meditation and/or energy healing will assist you to deal with any challenges that you may be dealing with. Focus on clearing and healing negative attachments, letting go of any situations that no longer serve to benefit you and keeping you chakra system clear and free flowing. Being balanced, calm and centred will leave you free to move forward in peace and harmony, attracting only positive and healthful relationships from now on.

If at any time your health is concerning you, please consider visiting your GP as some of your symptoms may not be related to this process and will require attention.

For those of you who would like to become more aware of their spiritual Self, or who would like to be with like-minded others, you may consider contacting me for details of our forthcoming Meditation Groups and Ascension Working Groups.

Date/Time to be confirmed

Cost £10.00

For those of you who cannot make it to groups, for whatever your reason, if you have any moments where you are feeling unsure or you want to talk about how it’s all affecting you, call me on 0787 553 2014.
Best wishes to you all,
Christine x