2015 Energy Update

2015 is here, 2014 has passed leaving a whole lot of chaos and shifting behind us. The exciting thing is that the chaos, whilst it may seem foreboding and fearful, is actually a step in the right direction.

Anyone who watches the news  will be filled with doom and gloom thinking that there is no way this can ever be a peaceful and harmonious world to live in. All these wars and disease and starvation, how can that ever be resolved, it’s so bad how can it ever end? Just look at Eastenders’ and such like if you want proof (and it has to be true because its on TV …??).

Well let me tell you, and I tell you this with complete faith that you will use your own discernment before deciding what to believe or not …. I don’t think it’s really as bad as they make out!

Its true, there is strife, but there is also a massive propaganda machine that benefits from keeping you in a place of fear,  because that way you’ll behave. However, I don’t want to get into these conspiracy theories, because we can debate those all night, you believe what you want to believe, I know where I stand and I’m happy there.

But whatever you think, from what I can see, if we want to make a change we can make it in our own lives. If I change my life, and you change your life, and your friend changes their life and your neighbour changes their life, pretty soon things will look very different. Let’s let the warmongers and the power crazy fight amongst themselves while we get on with putting the world in order.

How to do that? Like I said I’ll do mine, you do yours, and everyone can do their own bit, no need to make a fuss about it, or shout from the roof tops, we’ll just quietly do our thing, be a shining example of what we want the world to be and if anyone who sees us likes what we do they are free to join in, or copy, they can create their own version of what they want the world to be. Its evident to me that 99% of the global population want to live in peace so pretty soon, whilst the warmongers and power crazy are fighting, we’ll be building a fabulous world for ourselves whilst their backs are turned.

Don’t think its impossible, because its not, its already happening, there’s a massive global effort going on, gently, quietly building a Nova Earth community of peace and harmony while the others slumber.

Waking up to the truth is all you need to do, realise that the old ways of thinking simply aren’t working and now is the time for a new paradigm, time to think outside of the box we’ve been sleeping in. Change your priorities, don’t worry about what everyone else thinks you should be, make your own choices, believe what you want to believe in. Start clearing out all that outmoded rubbish that’s holding you back.

If you don’t know where to start, look within. Slow down, take time get to know the real you, discard all those beliefs that have been put onto you and decide what you feel is important to you and do it, live it … be it.

You don’t have to have a ‘career’ to be a success (although if that works for you then fine), you don’t have to have piles of material goods to value yourself by, you don’t need to constantly ‘chase the bucks’ to be worthy.

If you want to measure yourself by anything you could consider your natural talents, your creativity, your nurturing, your healing, your inner wisdom, consider what you can contribute to humanity to make it a better place. Consider how you can share with another to enrich both your lives, consider what do you need to live and who else can that benefit. The old ways of getting what you want irrespective of who or what it harms is no longer viable (or desired by most of us).

The next generation that have been birthing since the early 90’s are pretty awesome, they have arrived with incredible skills and knowledge. If we don’t mess them up they will carry this world into that beautiful future with all the technology and free energy that we need. They are the creator race, they are the future of this planet, so lets steer them right, let them think freely and expansively .. as they do so well, they are the warriors that will forge the path of the Golden Age .. we just need to decide what we want that to look like and clear up our mess to leave a clear path for them to get on with it.

So now its time to care about how you exist and take responsibility. It’s time to restore balance, care about yourself, care about the planet that supports us, the animals, the plants, the people. Look after these and there will never be a global food shortage, disease will fade out and world peace will reign … despite what the news tries to frighten you into believing.

Start by healing yourself …

  • clear out your outdated thoughts, emotions and beliefs,
  • eat clean organic food that isn’t genetically abused, doused in toxins or fed on antibiotics and hormones,
  • give up toxic substances to let your body (and your purse) recover
  • get out in nature, do some gentle exercise,
  • give yourself time to get to know your inner child, play,
  • make time to be happy,
  • spend time nurturing your loved ones, listen to them, enjoy them,
  • get rid of clutter, possessions you no longer use can be given to someone who can use them,
  • let go of the job you hate, instead do what you enjoy, knowing that the money you need to pay your bills will come,
  • get creative, its amazing what you don’t need to buy/own when you get creative,
  • live in balance,
  • live in freedom,
  • live in joy.

Enjoy every moment of your journey through this life, because when you get to the end of the ride ….. you get off.

That’s it .. no medal, no pay rise, not even a pat on the back, you just get off.

So start enjoying your journey, make today the best day of your life .. and know that tomorrow will unfold exactly as it is meant to do.