Soul & Spirit Evolution

Neil Armstrong said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” as he stepped on the moon in 1969.  Now it’s your turn.

21.12.2012 has passed, now it’s time for business, the business of our soul & spirit evolution. We’ve heard it for years, Mediums have given us proof, (I’m not a Medium) even though many remain as, what they prefer to call themselves, ‘sceptics’ and many of us still don’t want to believe the natural order of evolution, preferring to believe that our existence is finite and pointless. Well now it’s time to take your ‘one small step’ – take a deep breath, let go of your fear of the ‘unknown’ and take “one giant leap for mankind”. The unknown is known, you just need to decide if you want to believe what I tell you or choose not to, you have the free will to decide.

I’m going to tell you, – “this life on Earth is not all you get”… and thank goodness too! I personally would be soulfully disappointed if this was all we were ever going to get. What if…. there is more, a whole lot more, how would you feel about that? How would you feel if you realised that this life is simply one part of a whole experience, where like a game, each level you achieve the better the life style you get?

This is a really simplistic explanation, the first “small step” so to speak.

Think of yourself as a life within a life, within a life, within a life … like one of those nesting dolls, the tiny doll sits inside the small doll, inside the medium doll and so on, liken this process to what you can call your ‘evolution’. Imagine, you are created as a single cell life form, then at the end of that life you progress to become a complex cell physical form with free will, spirituality and intellect, then after that you become a non physical evolved form, then a spiritual form and so on, until you reach the top where you have become a highly evolved spiritual Being.

As part of your learning to become spiritual you have to understand certain things, such as compassion, mercy, unconditional love, truth, joy, harmony (and so on..) and the only way you can do this is to have experiences where these states are challenged. For that we incarnate into the lowest density of being, a physical form. On Earth we have linear time, to give us a past, a present and a future  – and the memories that come with that, we also have free will, the ability to choose – for which there are consequences and finally we have the physical form – the body which has needs that we have to provide for. All of these encompass learning experiences (often felt as challenges) that we agree to undertake when we incarnate in order to develop spiritually as a Soul.

The harder your challenges, the faster you are likely to evolve to reach your ‘Soul’s’ ultimate aim of becoming a highly evolved Being. Up till recently you have been living in the 3rd plane of ascension, progressing upwards, the recent uplift of energies provided by the Universe have carried you up into the 4th plane where you are working to get to the 5th astral plane. It used to be that by the 5th plane you would not require your physical form any longer so you would leave it behind, but now as part of the New Age ascension process this doesn’t occur until the 6th (doctra) plane. When you have reached the 6th plane and settled into your new surroundings you will find that you no longer have the consequences or have the need for a physical form, you will be entirely ‘energetic’ in form – so much easier! You will also learn your new skills such as co-creation and as time is no longer linear in the higher dimensions, you will easily achieve communications and movement in all directions of space and time. On the 6th plane you will learn new lessons of your own and spend time helping the lesser evolved (3rd to 5th plane Beings) learn their lessons, this is the next stage of a deeper compassion, empathy and truth, all coming from unconditional love and working toward the higher levels of evolution.

This process continues and you continue to evolve until you reach the highest level of the local universe, where upon you can choose to remain and work as an intergalactic peace keeper, or continue help others to evolve. Beyond this some very highly spiritual Souls will decide to continue their evolution and head beyond the realms of the local universe into the super and grand universes.