Are you a ‘Sensitive’?

That feeling that no one understands you, no one thinks the way you do, no one ‘gets’ you .. not your  family, your friends .. even your partner that “loves you to bits” still doesn’t know who you are.

According to Elaine Aron (who has researched this heavily) you are among the less than 20% of the population on earth that she refers to as a ‘highly sensitive person’. According to me … You are wonderful! … a perfect and unique Being … I’m really glad to meet you.

So, how does it go? …

You see patterns, trends and outcomes way before anyone else does, in fact you are often bewildered when you discover that most others simply don’t see what you’re seeing as it is so natural to you, you believed that everyone else saw what you see, understood what you have understood and have that inner knowing to guide them and rely upon.

With your boundless enthusiasm for finding a peaceful place of contentment and harmony you find you are constantly striving to make others happy only to find you have turned into a ‘people pleaser’. You’re working in a ‘service to others’ role, nurturing all who trespass in your field of energy.

You are sensitive, everybody tells you this, you know this because you cry a lot, in fact you’re an emotional explosion waiting to happen. But your sensitivity goes way deeper than these others can imagine, your sensitivity applies to more than feeling sad or happy, your sensitivity goes deep down to a place others can’t get to, your sadness is gut wrenching, your happiness is elation, you’re jumping for joy then sobbing your heart out and you know not why. You’re often referred to as the ‘drama queen’, but not lately, because you’ve learned to dim it down and hide most of it. You are an empath.

Sounds, visual stimulus, smells, thoughts, dreams are all so vivid, they are overwhelming to you. Simply walking into a room, or touching an item can evoke sensations within you. Meeting people can be disorienting for you, you are greeted by their energy, you feel what they are feeling but may not be expressing, this is confusing. Crowds evoke a plethora of different emotions that bombard you all at once, making you swing, sometimes rapidly between moods, concerns about mental health issues have been expressed at you, and maybe you question your sanity yourself?

You have a deep desire to escape regularly, you have a need to go away and rebalance yourself to re-group. Bed is a fabulous place to be, alone, away from the world, safe under the duvet (I used to imagine I was wearing ‘big pants’ and when I had had enough I would pull the big pants up over my head and hide from the world).

And if you are like me (frequently getting into trouble for this one) you have a predisposition for the truth. You are a truth revealer. Others don’t like this, for you, having sought, researched, explored to the ‘nth’ degree and analysed, having found the truth, no matter what the subject is, or how far apart it is from what the general populace believe,  it is the truth and so .. be .. it, and you want to share it .. this can rock the boat.

The trouble starts when you speak out or stand by your truth, it is uncomfortable for those with limited vision, whose mind-set is not as expanded as yours. I, like many that are coming to light now, hold theories or views that those less sensitive or awakened struggle to consider and may reject out of fear or ego, without ever giving consideration to the subject in hand.

When you figure out we all have our own journey to follow and we will all travel at our own pace, but will still arrive there all the same,  you can simply accept that others don’t ‘get’ it, and move forward on your own soul journey.

You are unique, you are perfect … enjoy your sensitiveness xx


Here’s a link takes you to another site that has a whole list of symptoms of being sensitive, they did it so well there’s no need for me to repeat .. have a look;