Lightworkers Group

Now we have entered the first year of the New Age of Aquarius many of us noticing changes within ourselves, subtle, but non-the-less important, changes. Our outlook is changing, our views are changing and our demands are changing, now we want a better place to live, we want to live in peace and harmony, without stress, without fear. This is the new ‘paradigm’ the New Age we have all waited for. If you look around you will see that the changes we long for and will now start to demand, are real and are happening.

If you have found your way to this page the chances are that you are already underway with your ascension, you are already evolving to a Light-er Being, a 5D-or-above Being. However there are millions, billions, no .. trillions of people that have no idea of the changes afoot, it’s not their ‘ball game’, or shall I say their ‘cup of tea’. Some of them will even go so far as to tell you that they regard us, the already evolving people, as a bunch of ‘whacko’s’, but never-the- less they will ascend, with or without their ‘beliefs’ or fears, they will all have and enjoy the benefits of the 5th dimension. Only those that simply and flatly refuse to let go of their 3 dimensional behaviours will remain in 3D and frankly I can’t imagine that there will be many of those.

The big question on everybody’s lips is “Where do I go from here, what’s my part in all of this?”

Unfortunately for most, there is no manual to give you your answer, but there is ancient wisdom – if you can access it. When you trawl the internet you find there is an unlimited amount of information, commercialism, scaremongering and some really interesting stuff to help you find you way through it all and make sense of it. It’s mind blowing! My advice is read it – but use discernment. Avoid any drama and anyone ‘selling’, think about what you read and if it rings true to you, then it’s probably worth taking on board.

There are so many aspects to this, and there really is a ‘big picture’ that doesn’t involve politics or money or ego. Other than the immense clearing process that is turning everyone’s lives upside down, there are many up things to discover. To start with you will have noticed that some people will have gone out of your life (because they no longer serve your purpose) and new people will be coming in, that much better match your new outlook on life, these may well be members of your Soul Group.

Soul groups are currently being brought together to form positive and harmonious relationships in order to make your life richer and help to lift the vibration globally – a bit like a smile, if someone smiles at you, you find yourself unable to resist smiling back, it makes you feel good, lifts your mood. Similarly, if groups of people come together creating a loving and happy atmosphere anyone in range of that energy will feel uplifted. So, still be discerning, but be happy to welcome positive new people into your life – they could be from your Soul Group, you may have alot to share. 5D has so much to offer, stuff that you probably can’t even contemplate, or maybe what you have always dreamed of, if you want to know more get together in groups and start learning, develop your 5D senses, discover your Soul Group and start to make changes.

Take a look at this website for ascension symptoms, see how much has been going on within your self without you even realising ..

For some of my Soul Group, those who are already awakened, are rapidly evolving and have an awareness of the planetary changes, I have arranged for us to meet fortnightly as a Lightworkers Group where we will share knowledge, about who we are as Souls, our life purpose, Universal matters, alchemy, ancient wisdom, energy healing, channelling from the higher evolved souls, dowsing, meditating, and generally working on our life paths and helping others to ascend by sharing what we learn.

If you feel you would like to join a group like this, or start one of your own, contact me to discuss it further. Groups meet in Worthing West Sussex.