Chakra Opening Attunements

As part of the Ascension Process and to help people move forward on their spiritual journey I’ve been guided to offer quick Chakra Opening Attunements. There are a series of 3 attunements, each open your chakra system by one third each time. It’s not necessary to have all 3 attunements, you can have only one if that suits you.

These attunements have always been available to people who choose to follow their path as a healer, but as Dr Usui said, the attunement that connects you to Divine or Universal Energy is part of your journey of Enlightenment, the ability to channel energy for healing has always been a delightful consequence of having your chakra system opened.


These attunments have previously only been available to people who have chosen to become healers, however now in this time of Spiritual Awakening I have been guided to offer attunements to people who are not inclined to follow a path of healing but who want to connect to their Soul Essence, aka their Higher Self, those who are Spiritually Awakening.

The attunements will each require an appointment for one hour, where you will follow a meditation, receive the attunement and guidance on your 21 day cleanse that follows the attunements.

The cost of each attunement will be £40.00.

In order to be fair to those following the Healers path, these attunements will not come with certificates or instruction for healing others, as this and other attunements are part of the Reiki Seichem Healers courses.


Please contact me by phone or text on 0787 553 2014 or by to arrange an appointment for your attunement.