Tarot Reading

The alchemy of the ‘Fool’s’ Journey

The tarot deck has long been regarded as a tool for prediction of  life’s forthcoming events or as an aid to help you find  direction through your current place in life. I spent many years on and off laboriously attempting to remember all the cards and their meanings. I found this frustrating and time consuming, especially when I could find so many other things to do on my spiritual journey. I trawled through many books and watched YouTube til my eyes boggled and I visited many Tarot readers, but there didn’t appear to be any easy way through this, no short cuts. Some people that are exceptionally good at reading cards simply use the cards as a prompt and once in the flow they toss cards down onto the table like a veteran casino croupier and read without seeming to look at them, incredibly they kept coming up with very relevant information. The ones that can read tarot like this are gifted with the ability to channel from spirit or higher dimensional Beings, like Archangels and Ascended Master, who ever they resonated with best. For those that have other psychic skills, like me, such as Clairsentience or Claircognizance channelling is not so clear cut or easily flowing.

But for some reason the cards kept calling me back. So one day I looked at the pack, I knew that the Major Arcana cards were designed to be read as events that occur that you have little or no control over, so your destiny, and the Minor Arcana were expressions of events as they are potentially unfolding when on the current course of your life, however you have the option to then see how its unfolding and change the course or direction to achieve a different outcome.

So I’m more intrigued by the Major Arcana, because to me this says ‘Destiny’ which means it links me into my Soul’s contract and the Divine Plan. So I split the cards into the Major and Minor Arcana, I placed the minor arcana aside and laid all the Major Arcana cards out in front of me in a row, in numerical order. There upon I sat and gazed until my eureka moment arrived.

It was so apparent to me, laid out in front of me was ALCHEMY; alchemy being the process of the journey of the soul’s evolution. As a human we travel the journey several times, maybe in this lifetime, maybe through several lifetimes. If you take a moment to look at the individual cards and their energy you can see how far you have travelled and what’s coming next.

A new soul is likely to travel to the Hermit whereupon he will conduct a self review to decide if he has experienced all he needs to of the physical/material existence contained in the first 8 cards, he then has the choice upon reaching the Wheel of Fortune to turn forwards and move on, or turn backwards and revisit the physical/material existence until he finds it has given all it can to him and the material world no longer satisfies him. He will stay in the first 8 cards until he discovers that revelation.

Having reached the point of spiritual growth where he realises that there is more to life that the physical/material experiences he begins to see that he must take responsibility for himself, rather than as before his maturity, where he externalised responsibility for himself using blame and denial for his actions. At this point he starts to open his eyes and see his environment from a different perspective one where he learns that when he takes responsibility he is capable of controlling his world by making conscious choices and decisions.

Upon this realisation he triggers his first of three major cleanses in this cycle, he starts to let go of his need to validate himself externally. He no longer needs material goods to prove his worth, and no longer measures himself by what others think of him. He finds that joy and peace come from within himself and he is no longer troubled by external things. At this point he has connected to his Higher Self, his Soul, his Essence.

He reaches his second of the three cleanses. Here he does a deep cleanse of his inner self, all the negative emotions, false beliefs and traps of the negative ego self that society has placed upon him come up to the surface to be released and healed. A time of facing the inner demons and letting go of the limitations and restrictions that he has in the past willingly placed upon himself, he now is free of those binds able to seek the Truths of the Universe. He can now embody his Soul’s Essence if he desires to.

The final cleansing of this cycle is of the deepest level, referred to as the dark night of the soul. When the second cleanse is completed the Light of the Universe, the Creator’s Light can penetrate him and reveal any hidden shadows he still holds onto. When he has dispelled all the shadows or low or dark energy within himself he is filled with light and has complete clarity. He is fully connected to his Soul, he is now able to live ‘Heart Centred’ no longer hindered by the limitations of his material, ego, logic centred brain but can exist directly from his heart, the seat of his Soul.

From here he is wise enough to sit in judgement of himself from his souls more evolved perspective, he conducts his own review of his progress and asks has he completed thoroughly to his own satisfaction all the experiences he needed from the physical/material realms. Has he left behind all of the negative aspects of himself that he no longer needs or should he have a re-run to experience it all again, only this time from another perspective?

When he is satisfied that he has learned all he can from the physical/material realms he is ready to enter his Mastery, he moves on to commence a fresh new cycle of spiritual evolution. No longer hindered by the binds of materialism, the negative aspects of ego, limiting and self sabotaging beliefs or judgement, he is free to enter a cycle which is more refined and spiritual. Relationships are formed on a more equal and spiritual level, no longer bound by lust, dependence or control but by mutual respect and unconditional love. Now he has connected to his soul, he has revealed his true self and is now able to access all the knowledge and skills previously hidden during his physical/material existence.

Herein all experiences are from a spiritual perspective based more on the attainment of Unity and Love, cleanses and reviews continue to be experienced on the next round but are on an emotional, more spiritual level.

Looking at the deck we can attribute generally these kinds of meanings to the major arcana cards, but I would always say that each card should reveal itself to you, this is only a broad guideline.

To start with the Fool .. we are created, then first we experience the material, then when we have learned all we can from the Conscious and external (material) experiences, we then continue forward on our evolution to explore the Subconscious, internal (spiritual) aspects.

As we set off we pass through various stages of the journey. First our creation, then we encounter people who influence who we are. Having formed who we are, we set out to test this and live our lives on the physical/material plane. As young adults we explore relationships and sexuality, as we grow we develop our conscious self power, and take control of our selves and power through our experiences, using all the tools acquired

0 – The Fool – represents you at the moment of creation, a baby, innocent, without cares or worries. Filled with joy and wonder at what is before you.

1 – The Magician – The conscious self, here you become aware of all that is external to you in your environment and you aquire the skills to create or manifest whatever it is you want.

2 – The High Priestess – The Subconscious self, you are born with your subconscious self it is there for you to rely upon if you choose.

3 – The Empress – Mother energy, the Empress teaches you how to develop your physical senses, she nurtures you, gives you all that you need, this is your first external experience of love.

4 – The Emperor – Father energy, the Emperor teaches you structure, structure, rules. Your first external encounter with authority.

5 – The Heirophant – the Teacher, he represents education and society. He influences your vision of how society performs and embeds your belief system and morals. The Heirophant often represents conformity.

6 – The Lovers – the Lovers represent Love and Sexuality. You have reached a point in your evolution (puberty +) where you learn about the different forms of Love relationships and sexuality. The lesson being to find balance and harmony in all your relationships, including with yourself.

7 – The Chariot – The Fool is a young adult, this Ego is developed, he now wants to take control of his own journey. He feels self satisfied at all he has achieved in his external world. He is unstoppable for he knows where he wants to go and no one can tell him otherwise. He powers forward eager to reach his goals.

8 – Strength Card – As the Fool matures he realises that dominant strength cannot bring him all he desires, he learns that true strength comes from a place of gentleness.

9 – The Hermit – the mature Fool reaches a point where he has tried all that the external world can bring and is still not satisfied. He wonders where fulfilment lies, so he starts to look inwards for truths, he questions “what is it all about, what is the true meaning of life?”

10 – The Wheel of Fortune – He has reached a turning point, it is now that he asks himself, “ Have I learned all I can from my material existence? Do I still have things that I wish to repeat?” At this point the Wheel offers him the choice, to remain in his current, familiar place or move forward to fulfil his destiny? If he chooses to remain he will repeat the lessons of the material world as often as he likes, until he revisits the Wheel and chooses to move forward, or he can move forward, where the universe works with him bringing synchronicity to guide him forward.

11 – Justice – A point of karmic revelation. The scales demonstrate that he reaches the point of understanding Cause and Effect. He sees that he can clear his pathway for his future by taking responsibility for his past choices.

12 – The Hanged Man – the Fool hanging upside down has learned that if he surrenders, lets go, of his personal control he is free to see his world from a different perspective. From this new perspective he sees that he no longer wishes to fight the process, his life was turned upside down but by surrendering he finds peace and serenity. He is suspended in time for this process, he now chooses to go with the flow.

He is ready to let go of the trappings of the physical/material world, which no longer serves him, the first cleanse begins.

13 – Death – Death is a period of transitioning to the new fulfilling way of life. Where it is learned that the external world no longer fulfils, joy can only be found within. The Fool is ready to let go of all that he has outgrown. Old habits, material items, ambition, control all no longer serve him, he simply allows them to fall by the wayside as he continues on his journey.

14 – Temperance – Having let go of all that no longer serves him, he is no longer troubled by the responsibility and worry of all those things, he is free of the burdens. The Fool now feels emotionally balanced and harmonious. He has transitioned, he has connected to his Higher Self.

15 – The Devil – In this place of equilibrium the Fool is now ready to deal with his inner ‘demons’, his Core Issues. He can see in his ignorance the chains upon him, believing he had it all he now sees that all he controlled was himself, he realises that all his beliefs, paradigms and relationships that he had built his life upon were false, illusions that had enslaved and limited him and his relationships. As he digs deeper he finds hopelessness and despair.

16 – The Tower – the Tower represents the Ego fortress that he has built to protect his inner core, but really it is a prison. A momentous event will force down the Tower to free the Fool from the bondage of despair (Devil) and reveal the inner beauty once the Tower has fallen. As parts of the Tower falls the Light can begin to penetrate the top of the Tower.

The darkness of his external ways is cleared allowing the Light to flow in. The Fool steps forward out of the darkness, here the Universe steps forward to help him on his journey.

17 – The Star – The Soul is no longer hidden by any disguise, the sky offers hope and inspiration. The Fool is free of the devil’s influence and has found Trust. His faith in himself and the future is restored. His heart is open his love pours out freely. He is en-Light-end.

18 – The Moon – The Moon shines down revealing any shadows that are ready to be healed. The final process of deep healing and refinement is underway. Once all aspects of darkness are healed he is ready to Live in the Light. The Fool is forced to confront his deepest emotional darkness, to strip away the illusions of his false beliefs and memories of the past so that he is only left with his truths.

19 – The Sun – After defeating that dark night of the soul he awakens to the Truths that are within him. The Fool is no longer ‘lost’ or in darkness. He moves forward on his journey with all the knowledge from his experiences, no longer burdened by the fears and ego of the material existence. The Suns shines down bringing clarity, dispelling any confusion and doubt. The Fool now both feels and understands the goodness of the world, he knows his connection to the Universe. He is reborn, experienced and knowledgable ready to realise his greatness, able to fully manifest all his needs. He is comfortable in knowing that the Universe has all that he needs, in abundance. (The baby on the horse represents the fool reborn).

20 – Judgement – The Fool is reborn His ego is shed. Joy not fear is the key. He is absolved of all past errors because he knows they were due to the ignorance of his true nature. It is time to make a self review, since he now sees his true self he is in a position to make a wise decision as to what he values and what to discard.

The Fool is the embodiment of his soul essence. He is ready to fulfil his life’s purpose.

21 – The World – the Fool returns to the World fulfilled and enlightened, he is completely protected from the beasts of the material world. His experiences are now meaningful. He fulfils his life’s purpose now that he can share his unique gifts and talents. He has the abundance of the Universe fully supporting him because he acts from inner certainty.

The Fool has completed his journey back to awareness, fully enlightened as to the secrets of the universe and existence.