The CHAKRA SYSTEM – chakras are energy centres that are connected to you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, they are directly related to your well being. There are seven main chakra which are aligned to your spine and correspond to major organs or glands of your body. A chakra is like a vortex of swirling energy that draws in anything it encounters from your environment, such as electromagnetic smog, radio and micro waves and other peoples emotions often leaving you feeling irritable, fatigued, moody, depressed or anxious.

Your own personal issues or your environment may cause your chakra to become enlarged, shrunken, closed or blocked which will result in dis-ease or your feeling out of sorts. If you become stressed, or if you worry excessively about something your chakra may become out of balance. If you have an unhealthy attachment to something or someone, or someone has an unhealthy attachment to you it can quite literally drain your energy.

All chakra resonate to a particular colour vibration or frequency – the heart to green, the throat to light blue etc. To help balance a chakra, whether on an emotional, intellectual, physical or spiritual level, we need to bring in the chakra vibration which resonates at that same frequency.

We all unconsciously stimulate our chakras daily using sunlight, positive thoughts, music, food and environmental colours. Negative thoughts or unhealthy processed food will reduce the energy of your chakras whereas positive thoughts and colourful healthful foods energise them leaving you feeling well and vital.

We can energise our chakra by selecting the appropriate colour vibration to restore a chakra’s balance. There are many ways to do this;

  • Colour Therapy – Wear an item of clothing that makes you feel good – red can make you feel strong (base), yellow can make you feel confident (solar), pink is known to encourage loving and kindness (heart) etc.
  • Carry a Crystal or gem stone, gem stones are known to amplify energy – such as turquoise which can to help you communicate (throat), rose quartz for loving and kindness (heart), amethyst for inspiration, intuition and creativity (Brow) etc.
  • Aromatherapy – smells resonate with your vibrations, choose a smell you are drawn to. Every Essential oil has a vibration that correlates to a colour. Oils contain the healing properties of herbs, flowers or plants. Use only therapeutic quality oils. Never apply oils directly on your skin (dilute with a carrier oil or in a bath). Please be aware that some oils may not be suitable if you are pregnant or have skin conditions.
  • Meditation or Visualisation – Imagine a colour, a sunny day on the beach, blue sky, a walk in a green forest, a rainbow. All have a positive mood enhancing effect.
  • Energy Healing – Reiki, Reiki Seichem, Vibrational therapy, Magnets, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Massage, Crystal Healing, Feng-shui, Cranial Sacral Therapy (to name but a few) all work to cleanse, energise and rebalance the chakra system. Regular energy healing can help your body to heal itself and maintain a state of wellness.
  • Energy Exercises – Yoga, Tai-chi ,Qi-Gong are all gentle exercises that encourage the flow of energy through the chakra system and clear blockages
Christine uses a combination of energy healing techniques to clear, balance and harmonise your chakra system.  Chakra balancing healing takes approximately 30 minutes and may include any combination of Crystals, Reiki & Seichem, Aura cleansing techniques, Release of trapped emotions.  The choice of treatment will be selected intuitively for you as an individual, to provide the treatment you require to bring your chakra into alignment and so encourage your energy to flow.
When your chakra’s are clear of blocks your energy flows leaving you feeling balanced and uplifted, you may notice that other people are more open and friendly to you as your energies will feel more positive and friendly to them. I have noticed that the ‘smile’ rate increases significantly for people who feel balanced and positive.
Chakra Health workshops and Aura Cleansing classes are held in Worthing, West Sussex. You do not need to be attuned to Reiki to work with Chakra’s or cleanse an Aura. If you would like to join a class contact Christine.