Chakra Balancing treat

A Chakra Balancing healing brings your chakra system into alignment allowing your Life Force energy to flow unrestricted, this free flowing of your energy allows you to feel revitalised, energetic and positive.

On occasions chakra can become shrunken or blocked which makes them inefficient and so less able to support you in your everyday life.

Depending  on your general wellbeing, a chakra balancing treatment for maintenance of your system only takes approximately 30 minutes, so can be a lovely way to spend a lunch break, or an early morning treat. Giving you time away from your workplace, colleagues and electronic devices that may be depleting your energy. A full treatment can take longer.

A full Chakra balancing treatment will use a  combination of Energy healing techniques such as, Pendulum dowsing to establish the level of energy flow in your chakras or to reveal any old trapped emotions that are ready to be released. Magnets, Crystals or Reiki & Seichem, whatever is suitable for you, will be used to help restore you back to health-fullness.

A Chakra balancing treatment makes a wonderful gift if you want to indulge a special person, it is suitable for any age. Children and animals also benefit from chakra balancing, as a way to help them adapt and cope with the stress associated with new or changing surroundings.

For chronic or acute conditions a full Reiki Seichem treatment is suggested, deeply embedded problems take more time to clear and may require more intensive treatment to help support your body to heal.

NB – Before a treatment it is helpful if you ensure you are fully hydrated with natural, unflavoured water, and after the treatment you should continue to drink water and avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee and alcohol.  Recreational drug use also inhibits the benefits of a healing treatment so to get the best out of your healing treatment you should avoid them.

Energy Exchange

I do not make a charge for the energy healing however, a suggested rate of £20.00 per treatment for my time would be appreciated as an energy exchange. Reiki-Realm is based in Worthing, West Sussex, for home visits outside of this area the cost of travel to you will be considered.