The Golden Age Chakras

As an ever evolving Being, in this ever evolving Golden Age of Aquarius, it is quite right that our physical and etheric bodies change to keep up with the process of moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, fully supporting us as we continue to develop.

It is reported that the people of Atlantis were a far more evolved race than we are today, possessing skills and abilities of higher sensory perception that nowadays we would call ‘gifts’, believing that they are only available to a few ‘special’ people. Telepathy was the most used form of communication for the Atlanteans and astral travel, clairsentience, empathy and energy healing were shared by all as the norm.

It is a sad fact that as mortals become more intelligent they become less spiritually evolved and in the time of Atlantis the equation between intelligence and spirituality became severely unbalanced, resulting in their misuse of their abilities. The situation became so dire that the entire race, save a few, was wiped out. The few who survived fled across the globe only able to continue their existence under new terms. The DNA facilitating their higher sensory perceptions were ‘switched off’, they were left with the memory of the knowledge but not all of the skills.

Nowadays, in this Golden Age, we are being given back some of the gifts we lost and as we progress from 3D to 5D our chakras will adjust accordingly, new chakras will open up to put us back in touch with a greater part of our Self, enabling access to our ‘Higher Self’ and other chakras will evolve to a higher vibration giving richer deeper colours. With practice and patience we will be able to develop those skills we lost in Atlantis.

Stellar Gateway – Gold

Soul Star – Transparent

Causal – Silver/Platinum

Crown – Violet

Brow – Indigo

Throat – Royal Blue

Thymus – Lilac

Heart – Emerald Green

Solar Plexus – Yellow

Sacral – Orange

Root – Red

Earth Star – Brown

(18″ below your feet) –

Additionally as part of this process we will be clearing all karmic debt that we owe or is owed to us, this can result in some change in mood or discomfort, known as ascension symptoms. Drinking water, resting and Energy Healing will all help with this, as will ensuring that your energy is properly grounded.

When grounding it is essential to send your energy down through your Earth Star Chakra, which can be visualised as a Brown colour, situated approximately 18″ under your feet.

Keeping your chakra system balanced and free flowing will help you ease through the transition. Meditation or Energy Healing will help release karmic debt and clear blocks that may be holding you back, but understand, although we are being uplifted quickly through this process, there is no set time. Each of us has a different path to follow, some having more to release and deal with than others, it is important that you should progress at your own pace, as and when you are ready.