I am a Combined Energy Healer living in Worthing, West Sussex. I am fully certified as a Teacher and Practitioner in the art of Reiki and Seichem Energy Healing which I combine with other healing techniques that I find complement each other to bring about a wonderfully relaxing yet effective treatment. I offer healing to both you and your pets. Full details of the treatments I offer are on the ‘Energy Healing’  pages.

As part of a treatment I may also offer other energetic healing methods which will gently release trapped emotions without the need for you to re-live them and balance your energies supporting your body to look after its ‘self’. By using magnets or crystals it is possible to release trapped emotions that may have been inherited from ancestors, or that have occurred as a result of an event or trauma you may have witnessed or endured that has become deeply embedded within you, preventing you from moving on and which may be the cause of dis-ease in the physical body.

As a Reiki Seichem Teacher, having lived the life enhancing changes that attuning to and learning Reiki Seichem to this level brings, I know now that being a Healer and a Teacher  full time is not a career change, it’s a life style change. I find myself  ‘walking the walk’ and ‘talking the talk’ every day and as boring as that sounds to you now, its actually really exciting stuff as those that have done it will agree. I’m on a constant journey of discovery where each day brings new knowledge of our connection to the Universe and with it, opportunities to grow from within.  My most favourite part of my new life style choice is sharing what I have learned and what I continue to learn, healing is one place for this, teaching is the other. I teach Reiki Seichem and other healing methods on a friendly and individual level. Details of my Reiki Seichem level 1, 2 and 3 courses and the Self Healing level are on the learning pages. Please contact me if you would like to know any more about starting your journey and becoming a Healer for people or animals.

I teach and attune Reiki Seichem to all 3 levels and an additional Self Healing level (all certificated) and because becoming a Healer is a personal development journey which is best travelled with company, I prefer to teach in one to one sessions, or in small groups to ensure that you receive all the support and guidance you as an individual may need. My courses run for a 2 hour session once each week, for 6 – 8 weeks depending on the individual persons needs and I am available for support thereafter. Some however may like to undertake an intense weekend course where you can receive your attunement, instructions etc and be up an running immediately.

I first became interested in Energy Healing after a friend mentioned that I could be picking up on other peoples moods and emotions which were making me feel disorientated, stressed and upset. I found that most days I was on an emotional roller coaster for which I could find no explanation. For example, I would find that after visiting a supermarket or the shops (anywhere crowded really) I would, for no apparent reason, become irritable and grumpy. My friend explained to me that this may be because my chakras were open too far and so I was picking up other peoples emotions and taking them home with me.

It was like the opening of “Pandora’s box” for me. Discovering the chakra system was just the start of it for me, I had had a peek at this whole other world where realisation that there was more to life was encouraged and discovery of my inner self was the way to go, it was the beginning of my own adventure.

I had always felt there had to be more to life so I took my first step down the path of my own personal journey, to the spiritual development of me. I joined classes, I read books, I went on the internet searching for information and validation, I talked to crystals (I learned to listen to them later on) I dowsed, I meditated, I called upon Angelic guidance. I did whatever I could to find out anything about the rest of the big picture that we usually close our minds and souls to.

Now, I know where I’m going, I know how I’m getting there, I know who is coming with me and what baggage I will leave behind. My personal code for living comes from Dr Usui, the man who rediscovered Universal Energy. He called it Rei-ki, Reiki teachings and attunements have only ever been passed from teacher to pupil since. Dr Usui says there are 5 principles that a Reiki Master undertakes to live by;

Only for today, do not worry
Only for today, do not anger
Respect your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Be kind to every living thing

…. makes sense to me.

Now I want to pass this on to help other people take their first steps onto their own personal journey. To help you to find out what makes you unique, to manifest more of your gifts, your talents and your souls purpose, to nurture your development to enable you to progress and grow within, for you to discover your higher self.

To book a healing or a treatment for you, or your pets please contact me using the details on the reiki-realm Contact page.

Blessings to you.

UPDATE – My next project is to make Energy Healing available to those that may find it difficult to pay, in the near future I intend to establish a group of healers, of any style, who wish to volunteer to offer healing by donation, or alternative energy exchange, so please keep an eye on this website and at your local community centre for more details of where and when we can achieve this.



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