Learn Reiki Seichem Energy Healing.

They say that if you are a Healer in this lifetime, you were likely to be a Healer in past lifetimes now returning to your calling.

If you find that all the time people are telling you all their problems, or that you feel compelled to help people or animals all the time, or that you ‘feel’ the mood in the room when you enter, then you are probably already a Healer,  you just need a little support or guidance to hone your skills and a little help to find your path.

As a Reiki Seichem Teaching Master I am always delighted to share my knowledge with others, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of working with Universal Energy for healing and maintaining their wellbeing, and the wellbeing of other people and animals.

As an ancient art of healing and enlightenment, Reiki Seichem is only ever passed on from Teaching Master to Student by an Attunement process and Initiations. These Attunements and Initiations open the student’s chakras and enable access to Universal Energy for the student to channel to where ever they direct it.  Being attuned to Reiki and Seichem energy will bring about positive changes for the student on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Choosing to become a healer will be your first step on the path of your own spiritual journey. I am here to support you with this. Your personal development is central to you becoming an effective healer, once attuned you will find that you open areas of your Self, such as your sense of knowing, or your ability to ‘feel’ energies, as well as an increase to your intuition. Along with this a profound sense of ‘connected-ness’ to the Universe develops, helping you to see that we are not simply human, we are Spirits in a human body.  This is all a part of the learning, once the ‘healing manual’ is learned the rest is down to you, which is why I feel it is important to have good strong foundations for the healing methods as well as individual attention for your development of your Self. My support and guidance is available to you throughout your learning and beyond as you evolve into a more complete and perfect Being, at one with the Universe.

My courses provide a thorough tuition of what Energy Healing is and how to do it. I provide a full and comprehensive manual with clear guidance and diagrams covering all the areas you are usually likely to encounter as an Energy Healer. Once each level is completed you will receive certificates of your attunements of which my line of lineage starts with Dr Usui, so will yours.

I have chosen to spread the courses over several weeks to allow me to fully support you through your journey and provide you with all the guidance you will need as you learn and change with the energy. To be a good healer you need to have an understanding of Universal Energy, how to use it and how to be a responsible and effective healer. Although attunements can be done in a short space of time so enabling you to access the energy immediately at different levels, being a healer is more than just this, it takes time and commitment, it is personal growth. It takes time and support to develop your Self and brings a lot of positive changes to your life, clearing out what you no longer serves you well and bringing in lots of new knowledge and ways of thinking. It’s baby steps all along, but each step is a step in your personal growth.

If you can’t find the time each week to learn Reiki and Seichem I can condense the course to a couple of days where required (in some cases time is of the essence), this fulfils the requirements to pass on the energy, but does not offer the nurturing and guidance as you grow and develop spiritually that you would receive on a well structured course. I will of course be more than happy to continue to offer email and phone support for any student at any level from a distance if this is more suitable for them, please contact me to discuss this further.

Follow the tabs to the courses you are interested in, then use the details on the contact page to register with me.