Reiki Seichem I

If it is your wish to;

  • become an Energy Healer,
  • be able to be more responsible and pro-active with your own health,
  • help your friends, family and pets to heal, or maintain their health and well being,
  • increase your spiritual awareness,
  • develop your intuition
  • recognise your connection to the Universe,
  • discover that you are a perfect unique being,

then this course will be suitable for you.

During the course you will;

  • Learn the history of Reiki and Seichem and the 5 principles.
  • Learn how you interact with the Universe for Life Force energy.
  • Learn about healing others, conduct, etiquette and safety.
  • Learn to look after your energetic Self.
  • Have a good understanding of how chakras are central to your well being and healing.
  • Enjoy Reiki Seichem meditations.
  • Receive the Reiki and Seichem I attunement.
  • Receive the Violet Light energy attunement.
  • Learn how to Self heal.
  • Learn to give chair and couch healing using Universal Energy and Violet Light.
  • Learn how to balance the main chakra for optimum health.
  • Learn how to do intuitive healing and remove negative energy blocks using etheric tools.
  • Practice healing on people
  • Receive a Reiki Seichem I manual.
  • Receive a certificate of attunement to Reiki Seichem I.
  • Further on going support if required.

The Reiki Seichem course is 6 weeks in duration, attending 2 hours weekly

Cost £160.00

If you would like to become practitioner and use Reiki and Seichem energy to heal clients and offer wellbeing treatments to their pets you must complete the Reiki Seichem II course.


Contact Christine for course dates and to register
Tel or text 0787 553 2014