Reiki Seichem II

If you have already completed Reiki Seichem I and you would like to become an Energy Healing Practitioner, to treat clients and receive an ‘exchange of energy’, be that an exchange of services, gifts or money, you will need to complete Reiki Seichem II.

Or if you are interested in practising as an animal specialist, completing Reiki Seichem II will give you more tools to enhance an animal’s wellbeing, by giving you the option of either ‘hands on’ or ‘at a distance’ treatments which is extremely useful when you cannot readily access them because of location, size or temperament.

Finally, if you have enjoyed Reiki Seichem I and you would simply like to expand your knowledge and increase your energy flow and you would like to continue along your journey on your spiritual path, then you will be very welcome to join us to complete Reiki Seichem II. This course offers another 2 attunements and further embeds the techniques you learned in Level I. You will also learn to work with symbols and facilitate distant or absent  healing, further developing your intuition and psychic skills.

The Reiki Seichem II course is starting soon for anyone who would like to join. Groups are kept small for the benefit of all the students, so contact me without delay if you are ready to do Reiki Seichem II.

During the course you will;

  • Learn about legislation relevant to setting up as a Practitioner.
  • Learn Ethics, Code of Conduct and  how to interact with clients to ensure clear contracts.
  • Learn other requirements and tips for setting up your own practice.
  • Learn further healing techniques.
  • Practise healing others, reviewing conduct, etiquette and safety for Lone working.
  • Learn how to strengthen your energy flow by practising an Ancient Meditative exercise.
  • Learn how negative thought patterns create dis-ease.
  • Enjoy Reiki Seichem meditations.
  • Receive the Reiki II attunement.
  • Receive a Seichem II initiation into the Order of Melchizedek.
  • Learn how to work with sacred symbols.
  • Learn how to send an effective absent healing over a distance.
  • Perform Live Case Studies, healing a client and sending distant healing to a client.
  • Further develop your intuition for healing, working with your guides.
  • Practise healing and removing negative energy blocks using etheric tools.
  • Receive a Reiki Seichem II manual.
  • Receive a certificate of attunement to Reiki Seichem II.
  • Further on going support as required.
  • Option for Extended Learning tuition or Healing Sharing group.

The Reiki Seichem course is 6 weeks in duration

Cost £180.00

A pre requisite for this course is that you must have completed Reiki Seichem I.

2 hour Extended Learning Tuition @ £20.00 by arrangement

2 hour Healing Sharing group @ £10.00 by arrangement

Contact Christine for course dates and to register

NB. To be accepted on this course you must have completed Reiki Seichem I.