Reiki Seichem III (Non teaching) Master

Dr Usui taught that his healing system is primarily a personal journey of enlightenment, the opportunity to offer healing being a joyful result of his teachings, and the attunements. Reiki Seichem Level III takes you on a wonderful journey, touching you in a deeper more profound way than most other healing modalities. The 3rd Reiki Seichem attunements fully open your chakra system, enabling a strong and consistent connection to the Universal Energies and the Ancient Egyptian Lightworkers.

Reiki Seichem III brings significant spiritual growth to the student and is known to facilitate clearings which can bring about personal and circumstantial changes in your everyday life. For this reason, I consider that every student that chooses to continue to this stage of their journey with me should have continuing guidance and support, not just for the duration of the Level III training but thereafter.

I will be delighted and privileged to join you on your journey.

In Reiki Seichem III you will:

  • Receive Reiki Seichem Master Attunement.
  • Receive the Seichem 3rd Initiation.
  • Develop a closer connection with your Healing Guides and Higher Self.
  • Work intuitively, incorporating the techniques learned in Levels I and II to develop your own style.
  • Learn how to heal on a cellular level.
  • Learn the importance of clean water to every aspect of life and how water interacts with healing on all levels.
  • Receive symbols only available for Masters to work with.
  • Learn how to facilitate planetary healing.
  • Learn how to clear ingrained patterns and behaviours.
  • Learn deep emotional healing.
  • Further live healing practice.
  • Level III Manual updates to complete your Reiki Seichem Manual
  • Certificates of Attunements.
  • Ongoing support and guidance.


Reiki Seichem III (Non Teaching) Master, is taught over 6 weeks attending for 2 hours each week. Further support and guidance after the training period is available on an ongoing basis as required and practicable, at no extra cost.

Cost £250.00

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss Reiki III with a view to continuing with your Energy Healing training.

Text or Call ~ Christine 0787 553 2014



For those who wish to continue with their journey Reiki Seichem Teaching Master course is by arrangement only. Apprentices will only be considered if they have completed all three levels of Reiki Seichem. You will have gained considerable experience as an Energy Healer and will be ready to commit to 1 year as a Teachers Apprentice.

For further details please contact Christine directly.