Crystals come from under the Earth’s crust or on the surface as a result of activity from magma, gases or evaporatation. Their origins make them compatible to our Energy so are an ideal way to form a connection with Mother Earth and utilise her energies. Science has proven that crystals possess a natural power called the piezoelectric effect. This means they have the ability to amplify, channel or flow like electricity. Natural crystals grown from earth has powerful and strong earth energy and are potent energizers for earth element. The energy emanating out of the crystals is clear and integrates with human aura. Crystals sourced from all around the globe come with different vibrations that can align with, or enhance, your own vibrational energies to bring about healing or protection for you or your space.

Although there is no known scientific or medical basis for a crystal healing effect the use of Crystals for protection and healing has been recorded for thousands of years and continues. The Chinese attribute healing powers to Jade, and some other eastern cultures believe that Emerald will strengthen the memory and increase intelligence. In Egypt, Jade amulets were placed in tombs and burial chambers because they believed that this helped to guide souls in the afterworld. Today we use Crystals to harness Earth energy to clear the subtle body of any blocks or negative energy and to strengthen the Auric Field, restoring you to wellness and peace. A Crystal balanced and healthful chakra system promotes stability and wellbeing, lifting your spirits and restoring calm, helping you to cope with daily stresses.

Different crystals have different energies and properties and between them can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves. Simply holding the right crystal at the right time can bring about a change in our attitude and well-being. Carrying an appropriate crystal with you can enhance an aspect of your self, such as Rose Quartz which can open your heart to release emotions such as jealousy, resentment and anger for healing, but also promotes love, compassion and confidence. Garnet strengthens your will and aids imagination making it a good stone for business success, and so on.

Christine combines carefully placed crystals and an Aura Cleanse to help you feel relaxed and stress-less. Crystal Healing is a subtle healing experience that will leave you calm and centred. Crystal Healing has a cumulative effect where upon a course of treatments will have a most beneficial effect. Crystal healing can be blended with a Reiki healing treatment or enjoyed in isolation.

As crystals were used in Egypt in the burial chambers we use them today to ‘grid‘ a space to clear and maintain a positive energy providing an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The use of crystals and crystal gridding  in your own space can completely change the energy of the whole place such as Amethyst which improves all areas of family life. Your home can become a more loving environment, some have said that children study better, income improves and life generally runs smoother. Business can benefit from Citrine which improves the income, or if you are single carrying Rose Quartz or Aventurine can attract love.

Plants benefit greatly from crystal healing, generally brown or green stones or clear quartz are good all rounders. Simply place crystals on or in the soil to enhance your plants development and promote growth. A stressed plant that has been uprooted can benefit temporarily from Amethyst or a light blue stone for a calming effect.

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