A Crystal Healing

A Crystal healing treatment can be in your own home or you can arrange to visit me in Worthing, West Sussex. If you would like it to be in your own home for best effect you will ideally need a floor space of about 7ft square and a comfortable mat to lay upon. If you cannot comfortably lay on the floor the treatment can be achieved on a healing couch which I will bring to you. You will remain fully clothed throughout but you will need to remove your shoes.

To help me decide what crystals to use for your treatment I will discuss your situation with you and dowse with a pendulum to establish what is affecting you and how your body is coping with it. I will use intuition to choose appropriate stones and a suitable layout for you, placing carefully chosen stones on your body to correspond with associated chakras and positioning crystal points around you to intensify the effect of those stones placed upon your body. Chakras can be over active or passive affecting how you fell or react to situations. Depending on the condition of each chakra, a stone will be chosen and placed in order to bring that chakra back into alignment restoring homoeostasis, leaving you feeling relaxed and harmonious with yourself and your environment. Clearing blocks can end negative thought patterns and ease pain and discomfort.

If you are unfocussed and your thoughts are scattered carefully chosen stones will also be placed at your feet to help ground you. When the stones are in place you will be left to relax for about 15 – 30 minutes whilst listening to relaxing music. When you are fully relaxed and the stones have balanced your energy I will check for any remaining energetic blocks, then cleanse and clear your Aura. After the treatment I may advise you of any crystals that you will find beneficial between treatments. As with Reiki a single treatment can be effective but for long term well-being and a deeper healing a course of 2 – 3 treatments will bring more profound results.

NB – Before a treatment it is helpful if you ensure you are fully hydrated with natural, unflavoured water, and after the treatment you should continue to drink water and avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee and alcohol.  Recreational drug use also inhibits the benefits of a healing treatment so to get the best out of your healing treatment you should avoid them.

For more intense healing in some cases it may be appropriate to combine Crystal Healing with Reiki Seichem healing. You may also wish to consider a treatment to release old trapped emotions which may be holding you back or may be the cause of any un-ease or dis-ease. This will be discussed with you and chosen as part of your session at your request.

Energy Exchange

I do not make a charge for the energy healing however, a suggested rate of £15.00 per 30 minutes for my time would be appreciated as an energy exchange. Reiki-Realm is based in Worthing, West Sussex, for home visits outside of this area the cost of travel to you will be considered.

To arrange Crystal Healing follow the link to the Contacts page to call or email Christine.

If you would like to learn more about using and caring for Crystals for your own self healing you can join a course at a venue near you in Worthing, West Sussex, contact Christine for details.