Crystal Home Healing

One of my clients has kindly given permission for me to include photo’s of part of the home healing for her current home.


She came to me because she was experiencing negative moods from her family, her pets were restless and her daughter had reported the sensation of feeling as though she was ‘being watched’ around the house and she also said she had ‘disturbances at night whilst in bed’,  this soon turned into a dread of sleeping in her own room at night time, or being alone in the house during the day. My client also noticed that her son was also being less respectful and was reluctant to stay in the house, making excuses to leave most days. The family moved into the house in January and since then they report negative feelings and general disharmony, which was unusual for them.


My client sent a plan style drawing of the layout of her home, then from my home, some 3 miles away from the property I used a crystal pendulum to establish what type of healing was required for each room and space in the house. Each room was considered individually and given the appropriate treatment to clear any negative energy, restore harmony and protect the space from future unwanted energies. In this instance I used a combination of Reiki, Violet Flame, Crystals and Angels, to clear and protect the house. Toward the end of the healing it was clear that there was an energy that moved between this property and the neighbouring 3 properties, visiting this house through the pipe work. To prevent this energy re-appearing my client has purchased several crystals, that having been charged and dedicated will be buryied in her garden at the boundaries to deter any negative energy from returning.

My grid will remain until she has buried her crystals in the garden as protection. If she chooses I will then visit the house to perform a Blessing.