MEDITATION – meditation is where you can close off the outer world and go ‘within’.  The philosophy is;

Well-being through relaxation and personal development.  

Bringing together mind, body and spirit in harmony.

The history of Meditation suggests that meditation has been used since prehistoric times and has been credited with contributing to the final phases of human evolution. It has been linked to numerous religions but is not confined to only those that follow any particular path. Meditation is a growing practice open to anyone and recognised by medical researchers as helpful to your well-being physically and psychologically. Meditation has become a socially acceptable method of personal development and spiritual growth and groups are a popular way to enhance your ability to go within.

Throughout our daily life we are bombarded with stimuli that provoke an uncontrolled thought response, which provokes an emotion, ie. we see a smile – we feel happy, we witness a disaster – we feel distress etc., or it simply triggers a thought process, which will then can go on to provoke an emotional response.

Controlled conscious thoughts can be helpful to keep ourselves relaxed calm and balanced but the uncontrolled conscious thought can have a negative impact on our well-being. Using meditation you can bring your focus away from the uncontrolled thoughts and go within to find a space where you can simply ‘be’. To leave a space in your life for silence can help you to centre yourself and be in harmony with your environment.

Meditation is used for relaxation, as a way to cope with the daily stresses, or to heal. With meditation you can;

Rest a while, meet your Guide

  • Restore or maintain the balance of your chakra system
  • Prevent dis-ease
  • Release Stress and Anxiety
  • Cope with chronic Stress and Anxiety
  • Improve focus
  • Access your higher self for self discovery
  • Find Inner Peace

Ray Grasse suggests that if you want help navigating through the Aquarian Age, you should leave room for silence in your life. Create a space of your own to find peace and tranquillity, to enable you to receive love and guidance from your higher self.

Meditation can be done in groups or alone, you can chant a mantra, repeat a positive affirmation, utilise breathing control, listen to music or use a guided meditation to take you on a fantasy journey. Meditation can achieve a great deal of personal growth, for me, part of growing spiritually is to learn to enjoy every moment that you live in.

Meditation can be interpreted to be a dedicated practice – connecting to your inner self or a deity  or, as an alternative it can be a fun social event where the emphasis is still on physical and spiritual well-being but is achieved by utilising the creative mind and the laughter in the soul to bring this about. Fantasy meditation journeys to another space in time or to another place in the Universe are light hearted and fun but will bring about the same benefits as sitting in silence, chanting, or contemplation.

If you can’t get to a group meditation circle or would like to learn to meditate or experience guided meditation in your home please contact me to discuss this further.

Energy Exchange

A suggested rate of £15.00 per 30 minutes would be appreciated as an energy exchange for the tuition and my time. Reiki-Realm is based in Worthing, West Sussex, for home visits outside of this area the cost of travel to you will be considered.

If you prefer to share your meditation to make it a social occasion join our group meditation circle in Worthing, West Sussex, £10.00 per 90 minutes. Contact Christine for details.

If you are a beginner you will feel comfortable, if you are experienced you will be inspired.