Meditation in Worthing

Meditation comes in many forms, I like to feel that in order to learn and expand yourself you can still have some fun, I write meditations for the group which are all designed to achieve healing and spiritual growth for everyone who joins in, but mostly they are relaxing and enjoyable.

After some kind of healing or well-being visualisation I then lead the group on a fantasy journey to another place or space in time somewhere on the Astral Plane. As part of the journey they may receive a symbolic gift or some guidance from a loved one or from  their Spirit Guide to help them with a challenge they may be facing. The primary focus is to enjoy travelling the journey in such a way that it is a simple pleasure, meditation group is never a chore or a task but something to look forward to.

Every week I see stressed and tired faces appearing for the group and by the time they leave, everyone is relaxed and smiling, refreshed and comforted, more able to cope. Most report a good nights sleep after evening with the group.

The meditations are tailored especially for the group and are designed to creatively inspire your imagination and broaden your perspective to help you to develop a sense of your Self. In our group we learn the basics of how to meditate safely, the importance of, and how, to protect your energetic Self and grounding your energy. We then take you on a guided visualisation fantasy journey which may lead you into a forest to find your power animal, or into a crystal cave for healing, or on a meditative journey to enjoy another country, or even star hopping in the Universe, its somewhere different each time.


Beginner Meditation Groups in Worthing

(Experienced Meditators may with to join the Ascension Working Group for more focussed meditations)

Cost £10 per evening session

Call or email me for more details