Animal Healing

Animals have difficulty communicating to us how they feel so it is up to us to notice any unusual behaviour. By ‘listening’ to the subtle energy frequencies within the animal’s body it is possible to develop a deeper understanding of how energy works. A trauma or an event may have disturbed their energy system causing an imbalance or blockage that often manifests as pain, dis-ease or behaviour problems. As the animal’s body receives healing it is able to release the trauma which is stored as energetic blocks. By releasing these blocks the animal’s body gradually becomes rebalanced allowing it to function on a healthier level. Any condition can be helped by raising the energy levels.

Animals are naturally very intuitive and respond to all of the energies we project, so it is our responsibility to provide a positive, calm and balanced environment for them. Your animal will take on whatever is occuring around them, if the atmosphere is, or has been, unharmonious or unstable your animal will feel and store this, then become stressed or distressed. When you stroke or hug your animal they will soak up whatever energy you project, therefore it is important for you to be balanced and loving when around your animal. Because of this close connection between owner and animal, when I am asked to give healing to an animal in some cases I also like to give healing to the owner.

Energy healing is particularly beneficial to pets that have been rescued, or are bereaved from a companion pet or owner, or have spent time in temporary accommodation and need help to resettle into back into their home, or become comfortable with a new family, home and surroundings. As pets are more sensitive to their surroundings and are less able to communicate it is more common for them to suffer with trapped emotions which can lead to depression or  result in unsocial or unwanted behaviour in the home or out and about. Releasing trapped emotions can benefit your pets well being and happiness, in addition to improving your relationship with them.

The Benefits of Alternative Healing Therapy;

  • Helps your animal at times of stress or depression and to cope with a change of owner/home/ loss of companion/ death.
  • Allows the animal to express their emotion and release past negative energy, restoring their positive nature.
  • Works with other therapies to work on a deeper level, healing the root of the problem allowing the presenting problem to also be healed.
  • Restores balance and boosts the immune system.
  • Completely safe with no side effects, occasionally there may be ‘healing crisis’ as Energy healing continues to work for a few days after the treatment.
  • Helps heal physical trauma before and after an operation by improving the rate of soft tissue and bone repair, whilst assisting the body to release natural pain relief – endorphins.
  • Help to heal shock by aiding relaxation and restoring balance, lifting depression.
  • For maintenance of good health. Healing can be given preventatively and is therapeutic for elderly animals. If terminally ill, healing can give a sense of peace to help the animal make the transition.

To enable your animal or pet to receive the most from their treatment I will usually arrange to visit your home so that your pet is comfortable and relaxed in its own environment. Sometimes, when your pet is unhappy or unwell they may not be feeling people friendly at that time, or for some other reason it is not appropriate for me to visit you at home, so instead I can send Distant or Absent Healing. This is when I send healing to an animal that is not present by using Intention with Reiki and Seichem symbols. This works because the principles of energy, as described above, are not limited by time and space so healing can be as effective through distant work as when the animal is in the room. This also makes the healing accessible to anyone who is unable to travel with their animal to a therapist. For home visits in West Sussex, outside of the Worthing area travel costs will be considered.

I ask for a photograph of your animal to be sent prior to the first consultation. A date and time is then arranged for the session and a follow up phone call will allow discussion of the healing.


Healing can sometimes be successful after one treatment. However, more than one session may be required depending on the condition. Often as soon as you agree to doing the healing session the healing process begins. Healing work has immediate noticeable effects, and also continues to work over time.

Healing uses Universal Life Force energy to enable the animal to access its own resources to stimualte healing bringing about a safe and appropriate treatment ensuring the animal will receive healing at the level needed at that time.

Energy Healing is a complementary therapy that works well with veterinary care, you should not stop or adjust any treatment your Vet has prescribed without consulting them first. Many Vets are supporters of Energy Healing so will be happy to discuss combining treatments. For any health issues or injuries, other than your pet’s general well being, you are required by law to have consulted a qualified Veterinary Surgeon prior to requesting any complementary therapies.

Animal  healing is part of the Reiki Seichem training. If you would like to learn to heal with  Reiki Seichem energy in Worthing, West Sussex contact Christine for more details.