Distant Healing

You are connected to planet Earth by Energy, the planet and every living thing on the planet has an energy field that surrounds it. For us our Energy runs through our chakra system, spinning vortexes of energy which run throughout the body and are aligned to the spine. Ancient cultures discovered that most illnesses, physical, mental or emotional are caused by an imbalance or a blockage of this energy field. Because your body is composed of trillions of cells directed by electrical signals, environmental factors such as electromagnetic smog, pollutants, noise etc, can cause interferance and disturb the flow of your energy. This causes a negative change in your Energetic and Auric  field which can result in blocks. Blocks can manifest as pain, un-ease, dis-ease and disharmony. To restore the body to performing in an efficient and healthful way it is necessary to clear the blocks, re-align the energy and strengthen the aura. You can change that energy pattern but sometimes it’s hard to do by yourself, so you need help from others.

In a Distance Energy Healing session I use Intention with Universal Life Force energy and Reiki Seichem symbols to clear and balance your energy field to restore you to wellness and vitality leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and healthful.

The Science in very brief;

Quantum physicists say that everything in the Universe is only 0.01% solid, the rest being light and energy vibrating at different frequencies. Where these different frequencies meet they encounter resistance, for you that resistance can manifest as a disharmony causing uneasiness, pain or instability. Quantum Physics substaintiates the science of distance healing, it confirms that energy is not limited to space or time, there are no boundaries therefore there is no requirement to be present for healing to be effective. Scientists are currently exploring and researching Energy healing and documenting its effects on Cancer and Mental health.

If you would like to arrange a Distance Energy Healing Treatment for you or your pet, please contact me to discuss your situation and arrange a time when we can link up to send and receive the energy. My details are on the contact page. It will be helpful if prior to the healing you provide a photo of yourself for me to focus on and get a sense of you.

Distance and Planetary healing is part of the Reiki Seichem training. If you would like to learn to heal with Reiki Seichem or Universal Energy in Worthing, West Sussex contact Christine for more details.

NB – Before a treatment it is helpful if you ensure you are fully hydrated with natural, unflavoured water, and after the treatment you should continue to drink water and avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee and alcohol.  Recreational drug use also inhibits the benefits of a healing treatment so to get the best out of your healing treatment you should avoid them.

Energy Exchange

I do not make a charge for the energy healing however, a suggested rate of £15.00 per 30 minutes for my time would be appreciated as an energy exchange. Reiki-Realm is based in Worthing, West Sussex, for home visits outside of this area the cost of travel to you will be considered.