Healing Negative Patterns

Often we find patterns in our life play out over and over again, repeating throughout our life challenging us so often in many different ways that we take on the belief that we have created that situation. How often have you heard someone say “I always attract the wrong sort of guy/girl”, ” My relationships are a disaster”, “I’m not meant to be rich, I never have any money, whenever it comes in, something crops up and it goes straight out again”. Eventually you stop trying to fight the trend and accept that you will always be alone or poor or whatever. From here on you have hit the brick wall, round and round in a circle you go being challenged over and over again with the same theme.

There is a reason for this and before you give up for good, writing yourself off as a failure, know that it is not because you are lacking in some area of your personality. These patterns are a part of your Soul’s journey. When you incarnated you undertook what we in the spiritual world call a Soul Contract, the contract is with yourself and is designed to bring you greater knowing and awareness at a soul level. You as a Soul will have undertaken to have a learning experiences, these are experiences at a deep soul level, such as learning separation from Oneness/Unity, or living in lack/abundance, or victimhood playing victim/abuser roles and so on. This is known as Blueprint or Matrix imprinting.

These lessons are played out in the numerous different lifetimes you may have, each lifetime living a different perspective of that experience, so for example if you contract to experience Lack you will also experience Abundance in different lifetimes, the lack/abundance can be in different forms, being love or money or whatever. The purpose is for you to take as much learning as possible from that scenario, therefore, if you are unable to complete that experience in a lifetime you will have the opportunity to re-do in anther lifetime.

During these lifetimes in order to help you learn from the experiences you will be challenged and those challenges will have an effect on the energy you hold, all this energy can be carried forward from those other lifetimes into this one, we know this as karma.

You can also carry the energy of your ancestors and their experience. Passed on at a cellular level this can leave you with personality traits that you can recognise in one of your parents or you may pass on to your children.

You can also acquire stuck energy resulting from your own experiences in this lifetime, that you, another person or society has embedded within you. The most devastating society negative pattern that I have noticed which seems to have a long term negative impact is that of the “stiff upper lip” where we have been encouraged to not experience our emotions but to repress them, leaving them stuck in our energy field causing us discomfort, illness and low self worth from when we feel we have failed.

Negative patterns sit in your field like energetic blocks, they need to be raised to the surface then released for healing allowing you to move forward on your soul’s journey, experiencing love and abundance as you are intended to. This is known as Matrix or Blueprint repatterning.

We can also trap energy from negative ‘commands’ where we have experienced or witnessed something that we have heard or has been said either to ourselves or to another person, and we have taken that comment on board to our detriment. For example, comments like “Man up”, “Don’t be a cissy”, “Cry baby” have led many men to believe that in order to be a success as a man they must repress all emotions and deny they even feel them, or the conditioning in the media about the ‘ideal weight’ typed in big letters or demonstrated by airbrushed models (male or female) leave commands like “You are fat”.

As a collective we have had commands given to us that if we don’t work hard or have a career we are a failure and not entitled to success as a person, such as “money is hard to come by”, “you don’t get something for nothing”, “you want to get a good job, don’t you?”, lately the catchphrase “a benefit cheat” has left many feeling worthless, even when they aren’t cheating benefits. This simply reinforces the slave mentality and the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Creating the illusion that we have to chase the money and prove our worth by material possessions. This creates low self worth and an easily manipulated work force.

Negative patterns and commands lead to negative beliefs and or behaviours but they can be healed, quite simply and painlessly. Through conversation the pattern can be noticed and the root cause behind the issue brought to your awareness. Once the root of the issue is recognised it can be released along with its energy.  Once the root cause of the pattern is healed it is gone for good and that pattern should no longer play out in your life, leaving you free to move forward.

Negative patterns and commands are quickly and painlessly healed without the need to relive the experience that trapped the energy.

Contact me, Christine on 0787 553 2014 to discuss this further if you are interested in receiving this healing.

I request an energy exchange of £15 for every 30 minutes of my time for this healing experience.