Home Healing

All houses and buildings of some age carry the energy of the previous occupants and can affect how you feel in the house your family relationships and your health.

Etheric energy from previous occupants, not necessarily the last occupants, may have been left behind and absorbed into the walls lingering in the atmosphere. A sensitive person may pick up these negative vibrations and be affected by them causing anger, depression, moodiness and fatigue. This can lead to tension and anxiety within family relationships feeding the negative enviroment allowing it to flourish. Some extreme cases have created actual physical disease in the occupants and been the cause of relationship breakdown.

To remove the energy it is necessary to clear the house of the negative vibrations and perform a House Blessing to bring in new fresh energy to your home. A crystal grid placed around the house and boundaries can help to protect the property to prevent negative energies returning.

A home cleansing can clear the energy.

Clutter, old possessions and dirty corners hold negative energy so need to be cleared. Clean and clear the home, throw away any clutter stored in cupboards, under beds and in corners, open all the windows and doors and clean from top to bottom. If this is not enough you may need to Energetically cleanse the house.

Reiki Seichem Energy and symbols can be used to heal your home. Seichem energy brings in all four elements of Earth, Angelic Air, Fire, and Water to heal and balance the energy of your house. These can be channelled to clear your house by a Reiki Master.

Violet Flame is an Etheric Energy that can be channelled by a person who has been attuned to St Germain’s energy, The Violet Flame Energy transmutes negative energy into positive energy, healing the situation.

Smudging throughout any affected areas. Smoke from burning sage sticks or orange peel clings to the negative energy, filling your room which you then release through an open door or window to the Universe for healing.

Candles and Incense lighting candles and burning incense alter and raise the vibration in a room, helping to clear away negative energy.

Blessing Ceremony calling in the Elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water once the house is cleared can bless the house to restore balance, peace and abundance to your home.

If after a cleansing and blessing you find Angel Feathers in your home or garden, you are loved and blessed, know that the angels are watching over you and will keep you and your family safe.

Crystal Gridding carefully chosen crystal placed in or around the house or grounds can protect the property from further etheric invasion. Careful consideration is required as it can intrude on the free will of others.

As a Reiki Seichem Master I have been fully attuned and can channel Universal Energy and Violet Flame Energy into your home to clear away or transmute the negative Etheric Energy and lift the vibration, so healing your house to become your home. Once I have cleared your home and performed a Blessing you will instantly feel the energy lift, restoring peace and calmness to your home. If after discussion you would like a Crystal Grid I can place carefully chosen stones around the home or perimeter to protect from further etheric invasion. Thereafter, regularly lighting Candles and Incense, especially after an occasion of negative energy, will realign the vibrations of the house and quckly release any negativity to the Universe for healing.

If you would like me to Heal, Energetically cleanse your home, perform a Blessing Ceremony or set up a Crystal protection grid please ring or email me to discuss your own situation and arrange a time for me to visit the property using the details on the contact page.

Energy Exchange

I do not make a charge for the energy healing however, a suggested rate of £15.00 per 30 minutes for my time would be appreciated as an energy exchange. Reiki-Realm is based in Worthing, West Sussex, for home visits outside of this area the cost of travel to you will be considered.

If you are interested in learning to heal with Reiki or Crystals  for details of courses and workshops in Worthing, West Sussex, contact Christine.