Vision Board Workshop

YOU are the creator of your own life.

Whatever you can imagine as your perfect life … can be YOUR life.

Manifest your life of abundance, live without limitations, do what you want to do, be who you want to be.

We have been taught to think that we can’t have, or don’t deserve to have our dream life, well that’s simply not true.

Imagine, what you would like your life to be if there were no limits, forget how you’re going to pay for it, forget what you have to do to achieve it, or make it happen, just imagine what your reality will look like without those limitations.


Contact Christine on

0787 553 2014

for dates of upcoming workshop

Tickets available in advance £10.00 (Limited spaces)

 or contact Denise on 01903 531017


I am hosting a workshop to enable you to start to create your vision for the future. Board, scissors and glue supplied, you bring pictures or images that represent what you want your future to include. Don’t limit your vision with worrying about how you’ll pay for it, imagine money is in abundance when creating how your future will play out.

I’ll introduce you to how vision boards work and after you’ve assembled your vision board, I’ll lead you on a guided meditation to help embed your vision into your subconscious and tell the Universe what you want to create as your future.

 A Vision Board starts to bring those things that you desire, however impossible you may think it is, your vision will bring it closer to you, bringing your dreams forward into your reality.

 Think what you want to be,

who do you truly want to be? Image it …

then make it happen.